First and the most important rule of survival

What is the first and the most important rule of survival? To survive, to wake up the next morning, preferably in good health.

This seems obvious, of course. We all know that. It’s all that we really want to do, though we focus on buying stuff we might never use. Just in case.

But really, we believe this rule is the most important of all and should be kept in mind whenever thinking about preparedness and survival. 

If you want to survive, to live another day, you need to eat, drink and breathe. You need energy and sleep. You need to be safe from harm, both man-made and caused by the dangerous environment around you.

No matter the SHTF scenario, you really need to eat something. To ingest enough calories to keep you alive. In the long run — to eat some minerals, fiber, vitamins and protein. You also need to drink enough water to digest your food, but also to keep all the other body funcions in order. The water may be cold or warm, but should be free of any contaminants, both biological and chemical.

You also need to have a shelter that will keep you warm and dry, and safe from predators (animals, men), elements (snow, cold, hale, floods), maybe even radiation. Some energy to keep you warm, to cook your food, and to recharge your flashlights and cellphones (even if simply for leisure activities, like playing games on your phone) will come in handy.

Every time we talk to people about survival and preparedness, we try to focus not on the scenarios one could encounter, but on the basic human needs each and every one of us have. If you have this in mind, you stop imagining consecutive scenarios you might go through. Instead, you focus on having enough food and clean water.

And stop making stupid decisions, like buying an RV (camper trailer) as a bug-out vehicle, not to be used in your annual holiday activities.

Remember — the things you buy, learn and do to prepare for the worse times should also make your life easier, more fun, and increase its quality.

So — do you really need to have 10 flashlights? 😉

Artur Kwiatkowski

MSc in engineering, BSc in management. Self-taught in many fields, but master of none. Interested in healthy living and travel. And preparedness, of course!

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