Father to be prosecuted by camping in a forest with his son

As Polish newspapers and news sites report, a 35-year old man is probably going to be prosecuted, because he took his 4.5-year old son survival camping in the forest.

It happened in Poland’s capitol, Warsaw. He took his son to one of remaining 19-th century forts, built by the military.

They built a hut using branches and leaves. They ate fish they could catch in the fort’s ponds, but also some food he bought in nearby shops (it was in the city itself).

And everything would be fine if some assclown wasn’t involved

Somebody saw the kid running around the fort. But instead of talking to him (maybe he was afraid of the viscious kid, who obviously would be a danger to his life) and getting to know what’s going on, that person called cops.

The police arrives, finds the kid “scared” and “with mosquito bite marks”. They talk to father, but don’t see any “camping equipment” like food, proper clothes and blankets.

So they call an ambulance. EMTs arrive, say the kid is OK. But father is taken to be questioned. The case is being sent to prosecutor’s office. They say he might be prosecuted for “exposing child to the risk of death or injury”.

And I believe he will be prosecuted and tried for it.

Because there was nobody brave enough who would say “stop this nonsense”. All the people involved need to have their asses covered — from the person who saw the kid, to the prosecutors. I believe they will all go with the bullshit so that noone can say they should’ve done something.

Background: it’s 29°C (84°F) during days and 15°C (59°F) at night. And they were in the city of itself, as you can see on a satellite photo on Google Maps.


This is where the horror happened. Source: Google Maps.

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