75 years ago…

…started what is known now as II World War. It started early in the morning, when German forces breached the Polish borders, and Schleswig-Holstein battleship fired on the Westerplatte in Gdańsk.

This was the beginning of the very painful and difficult period for Poland. We lost over 5,6 millions of people, which accounts for over 16% of all the population.

And in 1945 Poland was to some extent incorporated to the Soviet Union, which lasted till 1989. But to this day people believe that former soviet agents and politics with strong affiliations for Russia are still in power.

The war itself was hell. But the time after the war caused a lot of damages to the country as well. If you compare economies of Germany and Poland you will see exactly what could be achieved if it was not for the communist government. We still see a lot of homo sovieticus in Poland, people who are not venturesome, who will take what is given to them, but will not want to take it by themselves. And on top of that, we have more people on disability pensions (monthly allowance paid simply because you can’t work) than Yugoslavia, that had a war almost 25 years ago. Of course we all know that a lot of those pensions are fraudulent, but the government doesn’t care.

It’s pretty funny if you take into account that people here should have all those events in mind, but still will make stupid decisions that may affect their lifetime. That’s why we try to get more and more people to know about the modern survivalism and preparedness.

War. War never changes. And people don’t change, too. But wars and the aftermath can change people for several decades and generations. Poland is an example of this change.

Krzysztof Lis

M.Sc. in mechanical engineering. Interested in alternative energy sources, biofuels, and preparedness.

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